‘Like a nightclub in the morning, you’re the bitter end…’ NYE 2015

‘Like a recently disinfected shithouse, you’re clean round the bend..’*

I didn’t go to Superstar Funhouse New Year’s Eve party in Fat Out’s Burrow and beyond at Islington Mill but lots of other people did! I took some photos on the way out (the calm before the storm) and on the way back in to work the next day (post-apocalyptal carnage).

What happens in the Mill stays in the Mill but Louise Woodcunt’s** after the event Facebook post reads like a call to arms, what with 2016 being the centenary of Dada and all…


‘Last night was the start to something very special and I reckon this year is gonna be thee year in many ways. Everyone seems to be feeling it…’


‘Such an honour to work with Cheryl and my other great mates again. I am so lucky to have such wonderful friends. I really fucking am. Too much beauty in one place last night. Pure love.’


‘Political/economic forces are gonna continue to try their hardest to divide us but there is an element of awakening I don’t think can be contained. I hope Trish*** will be part of the solution, at least not part of the problem although people will see what they want to see…’


‘Ambiguity is true questioning so I’m ready for that… I think it’s time to start thinking in these terms coz things are getting locked down severely.’


‘I was sick as a dog all day, very small price to pay, and in this state I had that reality hit you get sometimes when under the influence. There are people who sit around discussing killing people and have conversations about weaponry, making it and investing in it.’


‘The sheer absurdity and horror hit me of course. What the fuck are these people? I don’t care if I sound like a fucking hippie, I am one. They need to severely get to fuck. I understand the concept of defence but this is just a racket.’


‘Anyway, lets fucking LIVE and be solid and not be beaten down by despair they promote. There are things we can do, even if they seem small. The whole charade relies on belief systems that we are currently buying into. Not for too long…’


*From A Love Story In Reverse, John Cooper Clark.

** Louise Woodcunt, the artist formally known as Louise Woodcock prior to Lydia Lunch’s From The Page to The Stage workshop. https://jackiehaynesartwork.wordpress.com/2015/11/04/lydia-lunch-workshops-for-performance-nov-2015/

***Louise as Trish on NYE.




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