City Arcadia Coventry Nov 2015

Research & development of SOFT JOINTS proposal for City Arcadia.

City Arcadia is a project commissioned by Artspace, Coventry as part of their City Arcadia programme 2015/16 with funding from Coventry City Council and Arts Council England.

Curators Laura Elliot & Micheal Mayhew.

Image 7

Access through an opening in the wall to the SOFT JOINT ROOM from the ramp. Coventry Cathedral’s original bomb-damaged building and architect Sir Basil Spence’s new Cathedral building are physically united with a soft joint.

Image 6

An unremarkable-looking architectural feature called a soft or expansion joint characteristically has a built-in tolerance to accommodate movement as new buildings settle next to each other. The joining of the new and old Cathederals can be seen above, creating a new space.

For the purpose of this project this is the Soft Joint Room.

Image 9 Image 8The Soft Joint Room does not have a roof and instead cuts angular shapes from contrasting architectural eras against the sky.
Image 6

Natural and artificial light sources contribute to the drama of the colours and textures.

Image 5

The Soft Joint Room is a relatively obscured feature, seemingly an architectural by-product.

The two points of access create a passageway.

Image 3

A void space is created to be filled with the idea of the soft joint as a metaphorical site for exploring ideas of difference and tolerance.

Image 2

Questions and views can be framed from all sides, negotiating and  passing through this space from all points of entry and at the same time.

Image 1

To be continued….

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