Dada100 planning seminar September 2015


UPDATE: resulting from these planning sessions, these are some of the events marking the centenary of the birth of Dada, on Friday 5th February, 2016.

*Dada Periscope: Islington Mill Gallery, Salford

*Dada Now: Neo:Gallery, Bolton

*Dada Punkt: Studio One, Wandsworth


Digital banner by Micheal Holland

Image 2

Dada100 signage by Veneta Gaillite. Dadaist posters by Adrian Notz.

Image 1

Round Table

Dada100 planning

Round Table Break Away

The Circulated Invitation to this event:
Dear Manchester & Salford artists, writers, curators and academics
This invitation follows the hugely exciting and creatively nourishing trip to the Merz Barn and the subsequent Dada100 Seminar & Exhibition at Islington Mill in June. As we ran out of time for the last item on the Dada100 seminar program*, we would like to re-convene:
Wednesday 23rd September 2015 
Islington Mill’s Fat Out Burrow (ground floor club space) 
There will be two sessions:
3:00pm – 5:00pm 
6:00pm – 8:00pm
*AFTER DADA: Planning seminar/round table for artists, academics and curators interested developing new projects, symposia, and other proposals to commemorate the critical legacy and birth of DADA100 years ago. Including proposals for an international critical art practice symposium for the NW, as part of the DADA100 (2016) programme.
Please see below the outline of a germinating idea for a
Roaming Dada Museum**
This invitation extends beyond those able to attend the previous events. Please forward to fellow practicing artists, writers, curators and academics who you think would be interested, asking them to email me with an expression of interest so we can send information and keep an eye on numbers.
Kind regards
Jackie Haynes
Studio 106 Islington Mill Salford M3 5HW
**Roaming Dada Museum, now called The Notional Roaming Dada Museum, following the planning meeting.
NB. This project rolled into a corner due to the commencement of the Kurt Schwitters PhD Scholarship at University of Cumbria in April 2016.
The Program
Events aiming to reflect upon the ongoing influence of Dada in its centenary year, born as it was out of the commencement of WWI. 
The (Notional) Roaming Dada Museum would collect and feature projects by artists and collectives, establish links and encourage the production of work. It would exist conceptually and be temporarily present during events, with a digital presence as its footprint. Emphasis would shift from the museum as a place to harbour and conserve objects, towards events (which might involve objects) as museum artifacts.
Within the temporal parameters of the centenary year (February 2016 – February 2017).
The museum would proceed organically using contemporary analogue and digital networking methods to communicate and connect, in a non-linear fashion. Quality distinction of the artifacts would be born of blind faith placed in the networking method. As an energy seeking device, it would offer practitioners of various creative forms the platform to self-organise and get a foothold onto the project. Creative assertions related or otherwise to any aspect of Dada, would form the content as the museum roams around the world.
Theoretical framework 
An antithesis of what might be understood of the notion of a museum, as a suitable (anti?)-framework with which to apprehend Dada. The lack of walls as a container of artifacts exposes it’s conceptual extremities. The stronger the work, the firmer the foothold and the greater likelihood of the work leaving an impression on the world as the museum roams around. Less strong work might rub off and vanish into obscurity.
Ideas for marking the centenary of Dada generating from initial conversations between Ian Hunter (Merz Barn Project organiser) and Jackie Haynes (participating artist), with reference to Kurt Schwitters’ connections to Dada.
Subsequent events included Manchester Merz-in-the-Lakes, a residential weekend for Manchester and Salford based artists, followed by Dada100 Symposium and Exhibition at Islington Mill (June 2015).
Ideas for a museum initiating from conversations between Jackie Haynes and Marc Koolen, project manager of arts organisation, Treehouse, NDSM, Amsterdam and Julie Dassaud of Kultur, A-Lab, Amsterdam (July 2015). 
Ideas for an artist exchange project then developed into an event for Amsterdam’s annual Museum Night, 
Ideas followed into extending the concept in all geographical directions throughout the commemorative year.
The (Notional) Roaming Dada Museum is proposed to exist alongside concurrent celebratory commemorative events which so far include Dada Valley Republic (South Island artists Christchurch, New Zealand) and Manchester Dada Congress, taking up the notion of a DADA Congress after the Congress of the Constructivists and Dadaists in Weimar, 1922.


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