Islington Mill Art Academy Making Session Aug 2015


The Twitter Bird angrily tweets its displeasure.

Saving Pomona, the un-manicured area visible from Cornbrook Metrolink Station, is a national conservation issue that everyone who loves wildlife should support.


The Twitter Bird angrily stomps up and down the riverbank.

Salford Docks closed in 1982 and subsequently the area became a breeding habitat for rare Little Ringed Plovers, Skylarks, Lapwings, Ringed Plovers and the Twitter Bird. Pomona is the only real breeding habitat remaining for the Schedule 1 species Little Ringed Plover and developers would be well advised to avoid incurring the wrath of the Twitter Bird with its big beak and powerful influence through Social Media.



The Twitter Bird, getting into a right flap over proposed plans to destroy its natural habitat.

Furthermore, displacing the Twitter Bird will have devastating consequences as it characteristically broadcasts, through tweeting, practically anything, good or bad. This could place Manchester, Salford and Trafford in an unflattering light, globally, if it fails to take special care of it’s ecological treasures.


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