Artist Family in Residence. KSDIY 2015

KSDIY 2015 line-up outside The Shippon Gallery.

My daughters and I were invited to be the Artist Family in Residence for this years’ Kurt Schwitters DIY Summer School program.11811451_10152872587897000_4780337673231383961_n

The first of many parties in Edith the Static Caravan, featuring suitably 70s party food and an intense game of  hide and seek.
11825584_10152872590732000_4171022339943073231_nBeing Artist Family in Residence involved joining in group activities such as night drawing …..

…seeing the results in the morning.



We embarked on our own project….afir4afir2

… and installed it in the Stream Gallery – only accessible by getting in the stream.

Word got out about last years’ Merzpies so when it was our turn to cook, we made…. pies.



We held our Private View with pies in the woods.


Other activities included show and tell in the Library Yurt…


Left-Over Kake.  A new piece for The Cake Room at the back of the Merz Barn, made from Summer School participants’  left-overs: grass twists, wood slices, Egremont colouring, assorted wooden arrow boards.



Mel Deerson’s stage directions, chalked up for the benefit of the incoming Alt MFA and MilesKilometros artist groups, should they find themselves at a loose end during their residency at the Merz Barn.


Camping by Harry Pierce’s Victory Gates for a fully emerzive experience.



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