Early Nineties Non Sense

Jackie with William Baker and David Hoyle @ The Venue, Whitworth St, MCR, for Roar Materials 'Everyday Life Trilogies'

Jackie with William Baker and David Hoyle @ The Venue, Whitworth St, MCR, for theatre company Roar Material’s ‘Everyday Life Trilogies’. William and I became great friends while he was doing his A levels at Manchester Grammar School and I was at the neighbouring Hollings Faculty of Manchester Metropolitan University. We did costume fittings in his dinner hour, mainly copies of JPG’s Madonna outfits. William is also well known for discovering Kylie Minogue’s gold hot pants at the bottom of her drawers, leading to an intergalactic creative career.




Shocking pink Manchester Evening News colour supplement taken by Pete Walsh in his studio on Princess Street.   ID & Jumpers Photo-shoot for i-D magazine taken at The Haçienda:I’m top left next to make-up artist, Alyn Waterman. Fashion-shoot of hand knitted jumpers outside the Lazy-S, Piccadilly : the model in white is Saltz, man about town from the Jazz Defectors. Not sure who the other guy is or who the pigeon belongs to. Apologies also to uncredited photographers…    DD Independant The Divine David where he belongs on the front cover of The Independent. He really knocked the spots off this suit which I made from fabric from Farooq Fabrics on Wilmslow Road, Rusholme.Ocean of Bobbing Hats I worked part-time in The Cornerhouse Bar between 1988-1995 where I met loads of fantastic people, including artist John Mansell. Between there and John’s flat in India house, we plotted and put on many ‘do’s’. This involved John exhibiting and selling his paintings and me devising some sort of clothing-related extravaganza, (ir)regular performances by The Divine David and Ian Latchford and also very significantly, Joss Jotham documenting it all.John Mansell hats John Mansell heading up the Ocean of Bobbing Hats. Sadly, John died last year making these photos all the more important.

The Divine David in the basement and Ian Latchford in the same frock upstairs at The Old Steam Brewery dancing a fandango with an misleading smile/grimace on his face. Ols Steam Brewery

When David met Jackie. The Old Steam Brewery, now the site of the new Mormon Headquarters next to the Aquatic Centre on Oxford Rd, Manchester,the venue for quiz night, A Stab in the Dark, where it all began.. in the basement..

Face to Face – An Audience with David Hoyle. Archive 2011.

Interviewed by Rupert Smith for Homotopia.tv. 


‘The Divine David started, not as an entertainer doing a Quiz Night, no, I was the pub cleaner. It was me who picked up the students’ excrement first thing in the morning and put it in the toilet where they should’ve put it in the first place. What happened was, a friend of mine (me!) wanted to use the venue (The Old Steam Brewery) to show off her clothing and she asked me if I would MC it. She said I like the way you speak and think it would sound good on a microphone blah blah blah. As luck would have it the management of the pub were in that evening. They said you’ve got a very clear voice, we’re thinking of introducing a Quiz Night, would you be interested in hosting it? And they were offering me for the night, more than I’d be earning for six days picking up human excrement, so…I got very into Quiz Nights..’

One of my favourite Quiz Night memories is of David doing a striptease to Leiutenant Pigeon’s song Mouldy Old Dough, with a look of total disdain on his face.

Old Steam Brewery basementThese were taken in pitch darkness of the Old Steam Brewery basement and could’ve been of anything but as it happens they show quite good detail of some of the clothes I made. Having these events were a form of marketing, letting people know what sort of work I could do to which led to paid commission work. It also led to reviews mainly by Andy Spinoza for the Manchester Evening News Diary page. Andy was very supportive, he said I gave good copy…. The headlines I think it’s fair to say, are very much of the time. Note the holes on the right from the plastic pages of my A3 portfolio: this all pre-dates the digital revolution. I chose prints from Joss’s contact sheets and had them developed at RS Colour in Manchester. The arrangement of the following portfolio pages are a bit cut and paste: no linear narrative. MaxineThis is Maxine, a Cornerhouse regular, in an outfit from a Nativity collection commissioned for display at Manto on Canal Street. The contact sheet shows Steve Cato, the Old Steam Brewery manager, third from the left as he’s unlikely to have been seen ever since.. the story goes that his girlfriend dumped him after seeing him dressed like this all in red, including lipstick… The form for this type of evening was that I took a big selection of clothes that I’d made to dress up in and people helped themselves.Lee & Tim Green roomLee Baxter and Tim Silcock who I met through the production of my BA fashion Show at Hollings, on the catwalk at the Green Room in a  charity fundraiser.. not sure how much we helped the cause really.. Ed fell off the stage and David made a challenging soundtrack questioning the nature of the charity..Dame Lilly LastgaspIan Latchford at nightclub venue, The State in a kind of wedding dress with many empty cans of Red Stripe hidden in the train.. sounded good clanking around in that…Hollings and MantoHollings Fashion Show 1990: we were given the title “The Natural World” which I extended to “We’re in the Red.” The Divine David on the balcony at Manto, Canal Street. Below in his private living space,  photo by Patricia McGahan. Sharing the platform next to Graham Stringer (that wig – wtf!) and at the opening night of Paradise Factory with Joan Collins looky-likee and ACAB on his knuckles. I also made a cocoon to go with David’s Butterfly costume. We arrived at the club in a stretch limo. The door opened with an obscure track from Bowie’s Low album blasting out. I rolled David out onto the pavement and he emerged from the cocoon before the assembled queue.*The Divine David- Trish Magahan& JC lookalike @ ParadiseMad MEN
Hac shoot


The Paradise Factory Reunion, Manchester, featured in The Guardian. David asked if I still had the original butterfly costume (I didn’t) so we used the one I made for my daughter – a dress on her and a lycra crop-top on David!


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