Vertical Gallery MMU 2014 Counter



Counter – like beads on an abacus threaded onto a wire – forming an orderly queue ready to be launched over the balcony. (NB. We were initially told in no uncertain terms not to even think of exhibiting work over the balcony..!)


The beads were not so much installed as born into the space. After lots of huffing and puffing by gallery technicians and myself, the work was pushed through the gap into the void, fixed into place by wire between the fourth and first floors.


Destalling MA Show work from various sites around Manchester School of Art formed the backbone of an exit strategy devised to counteract what could potentially have been a spineless ending to one of life’s most significant chapters. In anticipation and avoidance of an abrupt end to two years spent mainly on site developing a new art practice, the endings were drawn out into documented performances in order to afirmatively round off, rather than finish, as if with a series of ellipses…. rather than a blunt full stop.

See the next blog for Air Holder exit strategy from The Holden Gallery.

Miraculously and well over a year later (and counting..)  my wall text denoting Counter is still in place in the Benzie Building. I consider this a kind of triumph over adversity. There are also a few splats still knocking about which are accounted for on an annual inventory site tour.