MA Show MMU 2014

*Update: Please note the absence of a reference to Meta-zine, a one-off publication placed within an architectural feature of the 4th Floor of the Benzie Building. This will be rectified today (26/4/19), minus the original bespoke display hook, with the Bureau for Validation of Art at Social Works Live 2019.

DSC_0031 2

Counter in the Benzie Building.


Counter as performative object for MA assessment, with Jayne Seddon.




Air Holders in the Holden Gallery and detail from scaffold.




Vinyl lettering on hoardings. Using the mirrored glass of the Benzie to read the work (above)



Ghost of U.




Vinyl lettering: …pause…look up…inhale…exhale…   positioned on either side of the soft joint, an architectural feature situated where the new building joins the old.


Composer and Mezzo Soprano Nina Whiteman offered to ‘sing my work’ at my MA Show opening night. Not only was that marvelous offer made months before the work was conceived, but I was unsure of what it even meant.

The plan to use the Benzie Building as an integral part of the performance was thrashed out in a crit group session with MA peers and curator, Laura Mansfield. It brought up similar ideological and curatorial issues to the placing of objects in this visually powerful space: how could the raw experience of the performance resist the diminishing and paralysing effects of  this ‘stunning’ backdrop (NB being stunned isn’t always a good thing …stun gun..) The answer turned out to be the lifts, using them in stages to disrupt the flow…

On the night, having seen the work and gathered the background narrative behind it, Nina said that she would be reacting to the ‘danger’ it inferred. When people look at work, unless they communicate the effect it has on them, or what/how they think about it, you would never really know.  I consider myself very lucky to have my work responded to in this startling and original way.